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Hair: #Besom~Sweetener *All Tones*
Hairbase: REVOUL - Chun Hairbase @ Anthem
Skin: itGirls Bella x Genus
Shades: [Fetch] Annette Glasses
Choker: .random.Matter. - Kashina Necklaces
Outfit: THE OAK - Capricio Latex Top & Pants Tangerine Tres Chic 
Drink Hand: No59 Triple Orange Cognac Tres Chic 
Dispenser: No59 Cognac Dispenser Tres Chic
Bar: Kombi Bar * CHEZ MOITres Chic
Dances: Sync'D Motion__Originals - Rebola @ Kustom9

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My Review: Sync'd Motion__Originals - Rebola Pack; Upright, Energetic, and Very Entertaining. The Dances in the video show how the energy is while dancing and the movements are so upright and on point like all the dances sync'd motion do. The dance Rebola is very entertaining in every way by the way it moves and shakes amazing like always and perfect!!. These dances are available @ Kustom 9

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