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Hair: Sintiklia - Hair Mary - Classy @ Epiphany
Skin: L'etre Amber Genus - Golden
Gag/Clamps: .miss chelsea. Joli Gag - Black Epiphany
Brass Knuckles: .miss chelsea. Joli Knuckleduster Epiphany
Harness: .miss chelsea. Joli Light Harness RARE Epiphany
Heels/Fur: .miss chelsea. Joli Shoe Fur - Black Epiphany
Socks: .miss chelsea. Joli Socks VIP Epiphany
Presents: Junk Food - Peekaboo Presents SaNaRae
Presents #2: Junk Food - Peekaboo Presents Snow SaNaRae
Tv Present: Junk Food - 4k LED TV Present SaNaRae
Xbox Present: Junk Food - Hex Box Present SaNaRae
PS4 Present: Junk Food - Slaystation 4 Present @ SaNaRae
Dances: Sync'D Motion__Inspired - Inside Stroll @ Man Cave

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My Review: Sync'd Motion__Inspired - Inside Stroll Pack; Vibe Feel, Smooth, and Sync'd, These dances are so smooth that its just so amazing how the animations just move with the avatar. and the hand and foot work are sync'd with the smooth vibe these dances have to them. These are a Definition of Perfection!!Available @ Man Cave Event Landmark is Listed above.

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